Why Choose Solar Panels?

Homes and Businesses across the UK can capitalise on the great resource that is Solar Power. Reduce your energy costs, help the environment, and even generate an income with Solar Panels…

Solar Panel Recycling

When it is time to dispose of your solar panels, you can now recycle and reuse. Help us prevent toxic photovoltaic panels from becoming the next e-waste with solar panel recycling.

How much do solar panels cost?

The cost of solar panels in the UK is becoming cheaper and more affordable. With our solar panel price guide, you can discover how much an installation on your property will cost.

Looking for Cheap Solar Panels?

Solar Panels can be a large purchase, so we have put together a helpful list of tips and tricks to ensure you receive a great deal on your solar panel installation.

How can Solar Panel Guide help?

Solar Panel Guides

Learn everything you need to know about Solar Photovoltaic and Solar Thermal Panels

Facts & Figures

All of the latest facts & figures for the solar industry, from prices to worldwide solar capacity

Solar Panel News

Let us help you keep up to date with all of the latest solar panel news in the UK and worldwide

Generate free renewable electricity from the sun

Solar panels can make a great addition to any home or property. They can provide free electricity and heat, and with generous government backed incentives, you make money from your installation.

Solar PV panels use photovoltaic cells to capture the sun’s energy and produce electricity. This electricity can be used to power lights and appliances throughout your home or business. With the government backed Feed-in Tariff (FiT) scheme, you will be paid for every unit of electricity you produce, even if you use the power yourself. If you produce more electricity than you need, you can put it back into the grid and will be receive an additional payment, called the export tariff.

Solar thermal panels use the sun’s energy to produce heat, rather than electricity. There are different types of solar thermal panels, but they mostly work on the principle of pumping water through a black material, which is heated by the sun and returns to a hot water tank, where it transfers its heat for use in radiators and taps. Similar to the Feed-in Tariff scheme for solar electricity, solar thermal installations receive a Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

Solar Panels UK

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Solar Panel Guide – Our Mission

Solar Panel Guide was established to help and assist consumers make informed decisions regarding solar panels. We hope our helpful guides, advice, tips and news will give you all of the information you need when considering whether solar panels are right for you and your property.

We also endeavour to make solar panel installation affordable, and available to everyone. Solar Panel Guide has information on free solar panel schemes, with the benefits and disadvantages listed, as well as an extensive list of money saving tips, to ensure you receive the best possible price on your solar panel installation.

With over 34,000,000 solar panels in the UK today, and predictions that this number will drastically increase in the coming years, one of Solar Panel Guide’s biggest aims is to promote and provide solar panel reuse and recycling initiatives. We want to educate society on the importance of recycling solar panels, and ensure that usable solar PV panels do not end up in landfill.

Benefits of Solar Power

Solar electricity has a range of benefits, both financially and for the environment. Some of the best perks of solar panel installation include:

  • Reduce your electricity bills – One of the biggest benefits of solar panels is a reduced electricity bill. Your panels will provide you with electricity, so your power bills will dramatically shrink.
  • Help the Environment – Solar panels can help you reduce your carbon footprint, thanks to solar power being a green and renewable source of electricity.
  • Payments for Power Production – With the Feed-in Tariff scheme, you will be paid for every unit of power your system generates, even if you use the power yourself. If you do not use all the power, and export it back onto the grid, you will receive a bonus payment.

Thanks for the detailed solar guides! It has made my decision to go with pv panels a lot easier.

Michael, Wimbledon

Are Solar Panels right for me?

There are countless benefits from Solar Panels, from the money you will save on your electricity bills, to the reduction in your carbon footprint. Any home owner that meets a few simple criteria can purchase affordable solar panels, and start reaping the rewards. Ideally, your solar panels should be mounted to a South facing aspect of your roof (South-West & South-East are great too), to ensure they get maximum sun exposure throughout the year. It is also essential your roof is structurally sound, to support the weight of the solar panels. Solar Panels work great in the UK, even when overcast, so what are you waiting for – request a solar panel quote today!


Increase your Properties Value

Make your property more attractive to potential buyers


Feed-In Tariff Scheme

Government Guaranteed & Tax-Free ensures a high return of investment


Free Electricity

Say goodbye to your electricity bills

Solar Panel Guides

Reduce Carbon Emissions

Help the environment with renewable energy


Avoid Rising Electricity Prices

No need to worry about the ever increasing electricity prices


Make Money

Make up to £600 per year with Solar Panels