Free Solar Panels

Power your home and reduce your carbon footprint with renewable electricity using free solar panels. Below you will find a selection of solar panel listings for solar panels that are no longer wanted by their owners, so are available to you for free. No contracts or hidden payments, simply find solar panels in your local area and arrange the collection.

Our listings are constantly being updated, so please check back soon if you haven’t found any local results.

Free Used Solar Panels

What is better than getting a great deal on your solar panels? Free solar panels! After 25 or so years on a property, a lot of homeowners are often looking to upgrade their solar panels or dispose of them. We do not want these unwanted panels ending up in landfill, so now is your opportunity to get some free used solar panels.

Whilst you will not qualify for the feed-in tariff scheme with these panels, you may be excited to hear that research has shown that solar panels lose no more than 0.5% of their efficiency each year, meaning that a 25 year old solar panel is likely to be achieving over 85% of its peak kWh output. In other words, a 25 year old 4kW system will generate approximately 3,750kW of electricity per year, which is enough power to keep your smartphone running for 1,875 years!

Just think, after 100 years, a solar panel will still be producing an abundance of free solar electricity, maintaining at least 50% efficiency, so let’s reuse rather than fill our landfills.

Just a few uses for free solar panels:

  • Reduce your power with free solar electricity
  • Bring power to your shed
  • Integrate a solar array into your campervan
  • Power your garden office
  • Live off the grid with your own solar power
  • Integrate a solar array into your campervan
  • Add an energy source to places too far from a power point


What are free solar panels?

Traditionally, free solar panels have involved a company installing solar panels on your roof, and you benefit from free electricity whilst they benefit from the government’s feed-in tariff scheme. Solar Panels Cheap has now introduced a new form of free solar panel, perfect for anyone who is looking to take advantage of solar power without a contract.

When homeowners or solar panel installers have used solar panels that they no longer want, they will be listed on our recycling pages, where anyone can get in touch with the owners and arrange to collect the panels. In most cases, used solar panels will be approximately 25-30 years old, and will have an efficiency of approximately 85+% the original peak kWh output.

Are the Solar Panels really free?

Yes, the solar panels will be yours free of charge. You will have to arrange collection of the panels yourself, but solar panels listed in the ‘Free Solar Panels’ pages are free. As the solar panels are provided free, they are likely to be collected quickly, so act fast to ensure you do not miss out.

How does it work?

The Free Solar Panel and Recycling Scheme works on a very simple basis:

  1. People list the details of their unwanted solar panels
  2. You find the free solar panels you want and make contact with the owners
  3. You collect the panels and give the owners a high five
  4. You get a big thumbs up from us!
Free Used Solar Panels

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How do I find free solar panels?

Finding free solar panels is easy. Take a look at the listings we have above. You can tailor your search to find solar panels closer to your location or to search for a specific type of solar panel. In the listings, you will find an array of information, including number of panels, array size, age, location, etc.

Once you have found some solar panels that you are interested in, simply use the contact form in the listing to send the owner a message. Remember that free solar panels don’t hang around for long, so act fast.

Why should I consider free used solar panels?

Solar panels bring a range of different benefits, including free solar electricity to reducing carbon emissions. Free solar panels have even greater benefits, by preventing good and usable products from entering our landfills, where they can cause harm, rather than good.

Solar panels have an extremely long life and can continue to produce substantial amounts of electricity well into the future. Studies have shown that after 25 years, when most people are looking to dispose of their panels, the solar panels will still have in excess of 85% efficiency, and in some cases there is no decline in efficiency.

Find out more about our used solar panels and the recycling scheme.


Looking for Free Solar Panel Installers?

If you are looking for free solar panel installers, who will come and install brand new solar panels on your roof? We can help with that too. Head over to our free solar panel installer page to find out more. Similar to our recycling and free solar panel scheme, the solar panels are installed free of charge, but are not yours to keep. You will benefit from free solar electricity (normally a portion of what the panels produce), and the installers will receive the government backed feed-in tariff payments.

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