What you need to know about Solar Panels! [Infographic]

Solar Panels can be a large investment, so before you spend your money here is what you need to know about solar panels in the UK.

There has never been a better time to look into whether Solar Panels are right for you and your property, with recent developments in photovoltaic’s and government backed schemes. Recent developments in the manufacturing of photovoltaic cells has resulted in solar panel prices dropping, and with the Government backed Feed-in Tariff scheme, you can make a nice return on your investment.

There are an array of benefits that come from solar panel installation beyond just the financial benefits, including the reduction in your carbon footprint, which helps the environment. Being a clean and renewable energy source, solar power reduces the demand for fossil fuels, which helps reduce global warming and ensures less polluted air.

About Solar Panels Infographic

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Solar Panels Installation Facts

Unfortunately, not every property is well suited to Solar Panels. The infographic below addresses what you need to know about solar panels, including the requirements to have them installed. Solar Panels are normally considered a ‘permitted development’, meaning you do not need planning permission from your local council to have them installed.

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This infographic also addresses some of the benefits and downsides of choosing the Feed-in Tariff vs Free Solar Panels. Each of these options has benefits and disadvantages, but regardless of which best suites you, solar panels are still a great option for generating domestic renewable energy.

Ever wondered how much solar panels cost in the UK? Or how much money you can make from the space on your roof? Here are the answers to the important questions you have about solar panels in the UK.

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