Solar Panel Guide is the new home of We have decided to update our domain to incorporate our larger aims and mission. Not only do we want to make solar panels an affordable resource, and help consumers find cheap solar panel installers, but we also aim to educate consumers on everything solar panel related.

The new site will contain all of our old posts, advice and guides. With the new site, we aim to increase our work, and provide new guides, tips and advice. We will increase our focus on solar thermal panels, to help increase the use of this great technology throughout the UK.

Solar Panel Guide is Live!

One of our biggest missions with Solar Panel Guide is to further develop our solar panel recycling and reuse platform. Our reuse and recycle initiative is something that our team is extremely proud of, and hope that we can extensively develop in the years to come, ensuring that solar panels do not become the next e-waste.

If you have any feedback, want to help out, or think that any information is missing in our guide, please get in touch – we would love to hear from you.