Solar Panels in Eastleigh

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Solar Panel Installers in Eastleigh

Eastleigh, along with all of the other towns and cities in Hampshire, is ideally placed for the best electricity production from solar panels in the UK. The UK’s Southern counties have the highest solar panel efficiency. Even if it is cloudy, your system will generate electricity, as solar panels work when it is overcast.

If you are considering solar panels in Eastleigh, you most likely know about the government backed feed in tariff, which rewards renewable energy producers for every unit of electricity created.This tariff pays you for every kWh of electricity your system, even if you use the power yourself. If you have power left over to put back into the grid, you will benefit from the additional export tariff.

Solar panels can be a big expense, and it is therefore essential that you not only get a great deal on your installation, but choose a trusted installer. By comparing up to 3 solar panels installers, you can find the best deal that suites you. All of our installers are MCS certified, ensuring they are trained, professional and trusted solar panel installers.

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Solar Panel Installers in Eastleigh

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Solar Panels in Eastleigh

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Solar Panel Installation Costs

How much can you expect to pay for your solar panel installation in Hampshire? In recent years, the price of solar panel installation within Eastleigh has dropped drastically, making it an affordable renewable energy option for even the strictest budgets. Solar Panel manufacturing costs have dropped, and healthy competition between installation companies has meant cheaper quotations. For a 3kW system, suitable for a 3 bedroom semi-detached property, you can expect to pay £4,000-6,000. Larger systems and complex installations may cost more.

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Compare Installers

The best way to ensure you are receiving a great deal on your solar panel installation is to compare multiple solar panel quotes. You do not have to choose the cheapest, and can use other quotes to negotiate a better deal with your preferred installer.

Solar Panel Advice

Before beginning your Solar Panel search, it is always a good idea to learn the basics. We have put together a helpful explanation of the common solar panel jargon, and you can find a wealth of additional resources throughout Solar Panels Cheap.

MCS Certified

MCS certification is a sign quality, and gives you piece of mind that your installation will be performed to the highest standards. It is also essential that your installer (and the panels they use) are MCS certified to ensure you qualify for the Feed-in Tariff.

Affordable Solar Panels

Get a great deal on your solar panels by comparing up to 3 quotes

Trusted Installers

Local, rated and trusted solar panel installers in Eastleigh


Feed-in Tariff Eligible

Choosing an MCS Certified installer is essential to qualify for the Feed-in Tariff

Looking for Free Solar Panels?

Want to power your house with renewable energy, but don’t want the large initial outlay? Free Solar Panels may be the perfect solution for your property. There are numerous companies throughout the UK providing free solar panels, and we can help you find the free solar panel installers in Eastleigh. So, how does it work? A solar panel installer will provide and install the solar panels on your roof for free (yes, no cost to you), and you will benefit from free solar electricity, but the government backed Feed-in Tariff payments go to the installation company. Interested? Request a Free Solar Panel quote today!


Solar Panel Installers in Eastleigh

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