Solar Thermal Panels

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Solar Thermal Panels

Solar thermal panels, also known as ‘solar water heating’, are a great investment, helping the environment, saving you money on your heating costs and even making a financial profit with the Renewable Heat Initiative.

Solar thermal panels are a simple concept that use the suns heat energy to heat water in a solar collector. This heat is then transferred to the homes boiler, to be used for heating and hot water, and reducing the reliance on electric and gas water heating.

Recent developments in solar thermal manufacturing has led to a drop in the cost of equipment, and competition between installers, has led to a drop in installation costs for solar hot water systems. There has never been a better time to consider solar thermal panels for your property, with generous government financial incentives, and low installation costs.

Solar thermal panels can produce over 90% of your heating requirements over the summer months in the UK, and even work during the winter months, however the heating efficiency drops to around 25% of your homes heating. These figures represent large savings on your heating bills throughout the year.

Our MCS certified solar thermal installers can provide a tailored quote for any requirement, from small domestic installations to large commercial solar hot water systems. With Solar Panels Cheap, you can find a trusted and affordable solar thermal installer – request a solar thermal panel quote today.

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Solar Thermal Panel Installation Costs

How much can you expect to pay for your solar thermal panel installation in the UK? In recent years, the price of solar panel installation throughout the United Kingdom has dropped drastically, making it an affordable renewable energy option for even the strictest budgets. Solar Panel manufacturing costs have dropped, and healthy competition between installation companies has meant cheaper quotations. You can expect to pay from £3,000-6,000 for your solar thermal panel installation, depending on the size and type of solar thermal panels you choose. If you were to opt for a DIY solar thermal installation, the cost can be as little as £1,500 for the materials, but you may not be eligible for the Renewable Heat Initiative scheme.

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The best way to ensure you are receiving a great deal on your solar panel installation is to compare multiple solar panel quotes. You do not have to choose the cheapest, and can use other quotes to negotiate a better deal with your preferred installer.

Solar Panel Advice

Before beginning your Solar Panel search, it is always a good idea to learn the basics. We have put together a helpful explanation of the common solar panel jargon, and you can find a wealth of additional resources throughout Solar Panels Cheap.

MCS Certified

MCS certification is a sign quality, and gives you piece of mind that your installation will be performed to the highest standards. It is also essential that your installer (and the panels they use) are MCS certified to ensure you qualify for the RHI.

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RHI Eligible

Choosing an MCS Certified installer is essential to qualify for the RHI Scheme

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Unfortunately, solar hot water systems are not offered for free, due mainly to the fact that the installers cannot reclaim their costs via the Feed-in Tariff scheme, as this is only applicable to solar photovoltaic panels. However, solar photovoltaic panels and solar thermal panels work great in tandem on your roof to provide hot water and free electricity. If you are looking for free solar photovoltaic panels, but don’t want the large initial outlay, free Solar Panels may be the perfect solution for your property. There are numerous companies throughout the UK providing free solar panels, and we can help you find the local free solar panel installers. So, how does it work? A solar panel installer will provide and install the solar panels on your roof for free (yes, no cost to you), and you will benefit from free solar electricity, but the government backed Feed-in Tariff payments go to the installation company. Interested? Request a Free Solar Panel quote today!

Evacuated Tubes

Evacuated Tubes solar panels are a form of solar thermal that uses the suns energy to heat water within the tubes. Evacuated tube solar panels are used for heating water, and can be used all year round for your homes heating requirements.

Evacuated Tube solar collectors are the most efficient solar thermal panels, but do often cost more than flat plate solar panel hot water systems. The curved design of evacuated tubes ensure that they have greater surface area exposed to sunlight, compared to flat plate systems.

Evacuated tubes are extremely durable, and often last more than 30 years, and can also assist in drastically improving the lifespan of your boiler. If one of the tubes breaks, the broken tube can be replaced independently from the rest of the system, which makes for cheaper repairs.

Flat Plate Collectors

Flat Plate solar panel collectors are generally cheaper than other forms of solar thermal, however they aren’t as efficient and require more space for installation. Like all solar thermal panels, flat plate collectors use the suns heat energy to heat water within the collectors, which is then used for heating and hot water within your home.

Flat Plate Collectors use a dark flat plate absorber combined with a heat transport fluid to transfer the heat energy from the absorber and carry it to the boiler. Flat plate collectors are heavily insulated to prevent the loss of heat.

Due to the decreased load on your boiler, flat plate collectors can improve the life span of your boiler, as well as reducing your heating costs. Flat plate collectors are extremely durable, and you can expect them to have a lifespan of over 25 years – that is a lot of free hot water!

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Solar Thermal & Boilers

Solar thermal panels work alongside a homes boiler to provide heating. As they require the sun to heat the water, solar thermal only works during the day. Heated water is stored in a hot water cylinder for use whenever needed. Whilst system and conventional boilers work great with solar thermal, the lack of a hot water tank makes them less suitable for combi boiler central heating systems. An external tank can normally be fitted, but this will increase the installation costs.

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